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Intellectual Property
Securing the Future: Building a Strong IP Estate in RNAa and Oligonucleotide Delivery 

Intellectual Property

At the heart of Ractigen Therapeutics lies a strong intellectual property (IP) foundation, notably in the fields of RNA activation (RNAa) and oligonucleotide delivery. Central to our innovation is a high-throughput discovery engine, expertly designed for the swift identification of small activating RNAs (saRNAs). Our IP portfolio is strategically constructed upon both the composition of matter and methods of use, encompassing an expanding library of therapeutic oligonucleotides. The development of proprietary medicinal chemistries and delivery platforms, all created in-house, further solidifies our IP estate, providing a robust platform for advanced drug development


Our Discovery Engine

It features a highly-refined bioinformatics algorithm integrating epigenetic datasets, design rules, and genome-wide on-target prediction tethered to in-house oligonucleotide manufacturing for saRNA synthesis followed by automated experimental validation of saRNA activity.

Labeled arrows: Genetic Sequence, Target Identification, saRNA Synthesis, and HTS
Target Gene Locus icon

Target Gene Locus

Rapidly identify all saRNAs for any single target gene

Search Algorithm icon

Search Algorithm

bioinformatics algorithm

In-House Synthesis icon

In-House Synthesis

Oligonucleotide manufacturing for in-house saRNA synthesis

In vitro Screening & Gene Expression icon

In vitro Screening & Gene Expression

Automated rounds of dose-dependent gene expression

3-4 Weeks Start to Finish (All In-House)

Start to finish underline

Screen Hundreds of saRNA Candidates

Automated rounds of dose-dependent gene expression analytics and integrated de-risking safety assays allow for the screening of hundreds of saRNA candidates within 30-45 days.

Honing the Process

We are continually honing the process in pursuit of full-automation and continue to add to our ever-growing list of therapeutic genes expanding our IP estate and feeding our drug development pipeline.

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Therapeutic Development of saRNA for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by Targeted Activation of Utrophin (Poster)

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