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Delivery Platforms
Our Breakthrough Technology For
Extrahepatic Delivery

Our Proprietary Delivery Platforms

Ractigen Therapeutics values the importance of delivery technologies. We have created our own in-house platforms that strengthen our IP portfolio and enable drug development of our oligonucleotide therapies. Our Smart Chemistry-Aided Delivery (SCAD) technology unlocks access to extrahepatic tissues (e.g., CNS), while our GaINAc-Oligonucleotide Liver Delivery (GLORY) platform utilizes new innovations in linker chemistry for liver-targeted delivery.

Our SCAD System

Smart Chemistry-Aided Delivery (SCAD)

Ractigen boasts the creation of a breakthrough platform technology for extrahepatic delivery of duplex RNAs termed Smart Chemistry-Aided Delivery (SCAD).

By judicious use of chemical modifications, our proprietary SCAD system endows duplex RNA with self-delivering properties including broad tissue biodistribution and durable activity otherwise not previously possible with oligonucleotides.

Manufacturing is compatible with classic oligonucleotide synthesis in which the entire process is performed on-support using amidite chemistry. SCAD represents an innovative jump in delivery technologies unlocking the door to tissues and organs historically cutoff from oligonucleotide therapeutics.

Beside utilizing our SCAD technology to develop an internal pipeline of products, we seek to develop the broad potential of our SCAD platform through research collaborations and licensing agreements in multiple therapeutic applications. For more information, please contact us.

Scientific illustration showing SCAD™ system

Our GLORY Platform

Leveraging SDL Technology

SDL (Smart Diverse Linker) is a versatile linker utilizing innovative chemistry for conjugating one or more targeting moieties to an oligonucleotide.

GaINAc-Oligonucleotide Liver Delivery (GLORY)

By leveraging our SDL technology, Ractigen has created the GLORY platform that compares favorably with industry benchmarks for liver delivery of duplex RNA.

Scientific illustration showing GOLD™ platform