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Delivery Platforms
Beyond Boundaries: Advanced Oligonucleotide Delivery Solutions  

Our Proprietary Delivery Platforms

Ractigen Therapeutics has made significant strides in oligonucleotide delivery technologies, developing proprietary platforms that facilitate the clinical development of these therapeutics. Their innovative approaches have enabled access to tissues and organs previously unreachable by oligonucleotide treatments.

Simplified Manufacturing

 The manufacturing process for our delivery technologies is streamlined, using classic oligonucleotide synthesis. This approach eliminates complex secondary manufacturing steps, making it more efficient than many traditional methods.


Smart Chemistry-Aided Delivery (SCAD™)

SCAD™ (Smart Chemistry Aided Delivery), developed by Ractigen Therapeutics, is a groundbreaking delivery system for efficient CNS delivery of duplex RNA (e.g., siRNA) via intrathecal injection and holds immense potential for advancing new therapies in neurology.

Key Features:

  • Direct CNS delivery: Addresses unmet needs in neurological disorders requiring direct CNS intervention.
  • Exceptional distribution: Ensures broad therapeutic effects across CNS tissues.
  • Long-lasting knockdown: Achieves profound target RNA silencing for at least 3 months.
  • Excellent safety profile: Demonstrated in GLP toxicology studies and in patients.
  • Simplified manufacturing: Offers significant cost and time savings.
  • Clinical leader: Second globally to enter clinical trials for CNS siRNA drugs.


Leveraging SDL™ Technology

SDL™ (Smart Diverse Linker) is a versatile linker utilizing innovative chemistry for conjugating one or more targeting moieties to an oligonucleotide.

Lipid-Conjugated Oligonucleotide (LiCO™)

This versatile system can deliver duplex RNA to various tissues and organs through multiple administration routes, including subcutaneous, intravenous, intravesical, and intravitreal injections. LiCO™ is notable for its: 

  • Systemic Delivery: It effectively targets hard-to-reach tissues like muscle, heart, and adipose tissue, with lasting activity for at least 3 months. 
  • Local Delivery: LiCO™ is adept in localized delivery, especially for ocular conditions (via intravitreal injection) and urological applications (through intravesical instillation). 
  • LiCO™ has undergone extensive de-risking through various toxicology studies, showing a favorable safety profile. 


GaINAc-Oligonucleotide Liver Delivery (GLORY™)

By leveraging our SDL™ technology, Ractigen has created the GLORY™ platform that compares favorably with the best of industry benchmarks for liver delivery of duplex RNA.

How Can Our Delivery Platforms Help You?

We seek to explore the broad potential of our delivery platforms through research collaborations and licensing agreements in multiple therapeutic areas and applications.

For more information, please contact us.