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About Us
We Combat Disease Caused By
Insufficient Gene Expression

Company Overview

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Our Vision

Improve Human Health by Innovation

Our Mission

Unleash the power of oligonucleotide therapeutics to tackle unmet medical needs.

Our Core Values

Integrity & Decency • Innovation & Persistence • Diligence & Perfection

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Our Story

Ractigen /răk’tijən/: RNA activates genes.

Ractigen Therapeutics, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, specializes in developing pioneering therapies aimed at enhancing the expression of therapeutic genes within diseased cells.

Founded in 2017 by the trailblazers in RNA activation (RNAa) research, Ractigen Therapeutics was established with a mission to develop a new generation of medicines. The company focuses on treating diseases that arise from inadequate gene expression, leveraging the expertise of its founders to create an innovative pipeline of therapeutic solutions.

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Our Core Technology

Our foundational technology stems from a groundbreaking discovery at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), known as RNA activation (RNAa). This discovery has led to a significant shift in the realm of oligonucleotide therapeutics, introducing the concept of targeted gene activation using duplex saRNAs.

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Strategic Locations

Ractigen’s operations are strategically located across various sites in China: Our main headquarters, situated in the bioBAY area of Suzhou, spans 2200 square meters and is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including certified BSL-2 biology laboratories and a certified SPF animal facility. In Rudong, Jiangsu, China, we operate a oligonucleotide manufacturing facility housed in a four-story building within the modern Industry Park of Life and Health Science. Additionally, we maintain a business development office in the Zhangjiang High Technology Park in Shanghai.

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Our Team

Our leadership comprises a unified team of experts in RNA research and drug development, including the pioneers of RNAa technology, specialists in nucleic acid chemistry, biotech entrepreneurs, and authorities in drug discovery.

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Ractigen Therapeutics has successfully secured over 350 million RMB (approximately 54 million USD) in venture capital. The Series A funding round was led by Hillhouse Venture Capital, with participation from CCB Healthcare Growth Fund, Boyi Capital, Longmen Capital and Huimei Capital. The Series A+ funding round was spearheaded by SDIC Venture Capital, and saw involvement from Eisai Co., Ltd., LC Ventures, CSSD Capital, Xianghe Capital . The involvement of these renowned capital firms underscores the strong confidence investors have in the potential of our company.


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