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Additional Technology
Harnessing the Power of Diverse Oligonucleotide Modalities for Complex Genetic Challenges

Our Additional Technology

Ractigen Therapeutics is advancing its technological frontier by incorporating a broader range of oligonucleotide modalities, such as siRNA and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO), into its repertoire. This strategic expansion, rooted in our profound expertise in nucleic acid chemistry and delivery, significantly enhances our ability to address complex genetic diseases more effectively. 

Key aspects of our additional technology include: 

  • Expanding Drug Modalities: By integrating siRNA and ASO into our existing saRNA-focused approach, we are creating more versatile and potent solutions for genetic disorders. 
  • Enhancing Treatment Efficacy: The use of these additional oligonucleotide modalities allows for more flexible and targeted therapeutic strategies, particularly in tackling diseases with complex genetic underpinnings. 
  • Synergistic Combination: Our research has revealed that combining saRNA with splicing modulators like ASOs can substantially boost the gene expression of target genes, surpassing the capabilities of any single technology used independently. 

This approach underscores our commitment to leveraging the full potential of oligonucleotide technologies, paving the way for more advanced and effective treatments for genetic diseases.