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Industrial Partnership
Uniting for Innovation: Building Tomorrow’s Therapies Together

Commitment to Innovation 

Ractigen Therapeutics is dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of RNAa-based therapeutics, a novel approach to treating diseases with significant unmet medical needs.

We seek alliances and strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies

We actively seek alliances and strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our collaboration goals include:

  1. Out-licensing and co-development: We offer opportunities to further Ractigen’s pipeline, progressing our projects from clinical trials to market;
  2. Co-discovery: Utilize our advanced saRNA discovery technology to develop new saRNA drug candidates, targeting gene upregulation tailored to specific needs;
  3. Licensing proprietary delivery systems: We provide access to our unique hepatic delivery system GLORY™, and advanced extra-hepatic delivery systems like SCAD™ and LiCO™. These systems effectively target challenging tissues such as the CNS, muscle, heart, and eyes and are compatible with both saRNA and siRNA technologies.

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