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We Deliver First-in-Class Therapies

We are an early-stage pharmaceutical company creating first-in-class therapies designed to boost expression of therapeutic genes in diseased cells.


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Close up of RNA molecule

RNAa Technology:

RNAa (RNA activation) is a platform technology to selectively turn genes on by using short duplex RNA known as small activating RNA (saRNA).

RNAa is one of the few technologies that can stimulate production of endogenous targeted genes.


Our Pipeline:
The Push for the Next
Generation of Therapeutics

Ractigen has a diverse pipeline covering previously undruggable diseases and monogenic disorders including oncology, CNS, and liver-related indications.

The pipeline explores the boundaries of our technology and pushes for the next generation of RNAa therapeutics.


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Meet Our Team

We are led by a cohesive team of scientists and professionals with a broad background in RNA research and drug development including the inventors of RNAa technology, nucleic acid chemists, biotech entrepreneurs and experts in drug discovery.


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